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Ellë Football Academy lives and breathes their passion for football, everything the academy does is driven by the ultimate goal of developing each player to achieve their personal best. Progress does not wait or stand still for anyone. The Academy focuses on being dynamic and innovative but with a focus of always remaining relevant to players. We are inspired coaches solely motivated to engage and mentor players throughout their football journey as we look to accelerate the transformation of youth football in Australia to a standard comparable to other leading football nations.

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Academy Programmes

Players have the opportunity enrol in a full time structured training programme and participate in a year round academy.

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Our part time programme is designed to cater for players and parents looking for more flexibility.

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EFA academy training is focussed on maximising the football skills of each individual player.

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The Minis training is purely an intro into the game of football. At Ellë Football Academy, we stimulate players to think ideas of the game of football even on the foundation phase.

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