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What is your football ambition? If selected to spend 1 full year in the heart of football in Europe – Germany, developing your game and experiencing a new culture, learning a new language, playing against top European clubs… do you have the right mindset? Would you take the opportunity?

As part of an exclusive new initiative, Ellë Football Academy has established an exchange program for a selected number of players. We have been developing this program over the last 8 years with our partners in Germany, DFI and the Ellë Global Academy will offer Australian youth players a once in a lifetime football experience.

Deutsches Football Internat (DFI) is one of the leading European football boarding schools, with a holistic approach to a football lifestyle. Everything a player needs from training, games, leading professional coaches, cultural immersion, education, living quarters and nutritional meals especially designed for elite athletes, plus much more, is available at DFI.

DFI has top training facilities located in Bad Aibling, Bavaria, Germany. Ellë Football Academy acknowledges that life is full of experiences, we believe that the opportunity to train, live and breath football in Germany is a life changing experience. Think beyond the boundaries of playing local football and be prepared for a transformational change in your football capability made possible by this selective European experience.

We aim to transform youth athletes into global players that are able to compete not only in Australia but also anywhere around the globe. The development of Ellë FA players is our primary focus and we believe a partnership with one of the leading football nations will help us deliver on this commitment. We want to offer our players a truly amazing opportunity to train with professional German coaches in one of the best football academy’s in Europe.

What can you expect?

This program has been implemented to give players a once in a lifetime immersive international football experience. There is always the possibility of players being scouted during matches. We want players to have the best experience possible that will open their eyes to a different way of football and a different way of life that we hope that will give them lasting memories for years to come.

This program aims to assist with building character, strengthening and resilience. There will be sure challenging times in which players will go through, both physically and mentally, at the same time, they will grow as players and individuals.

Learning a new language is a unique and expansive opportunity that will help players to connect with the culture and fellow international players.

Being away from home and the daily routine in Australia will give players the opportunity to test their boundaries and gain independence, which will result in enhanced personal growth that will benefit them in all areas of their life.

Players will connect with industry leading professionals and players throughout their time in the program.

* The success of each player is up to them and we, Ellë Football Academy, will be there to assist them in making the best decisions alongside with the families if any opportunity should arise.

We have developed alongside Ellë Football Academy, a Football Global Academy aimed to be the leading program for Australian players in Europe. The Ellë Global Academy is set to be a unique opportunity and life changing experience for the selected players, who truly immerse themselves in all that the Ellë program has to offer.

Andreas Herbst

CEO Deutsches Fussball Internat


The German football boarding school has its headquarters in Bad Aibling and is part of a 70-hectare parkland. The facility includes among other things a Diakonie, a school, a kindergarten, a café, boarding house and the B & O Parkhotel.

Students also have access to a recreational area and the major highlight being the indoor football court (12 x 8 metres) where players will spend a lot of time.

On the spacious, almost care-free grounds are the facilities that make the footballers heart beat faster – the football fields. The football fields consist of:
  • a natural grass pitch
  • two artificial turf fields
  • a beach soccer and beach foot-volley court

In addition, the great sports hall incorporates a synthetic turf area for the training operations and is also available for recreational fun.

The in-house bistro has been designed to cater for the nutritional needs of boarders through the provision of an athlete’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, including drinks.

The players will be living in a “football paradise”, notwithstanding this, players have a demanding daily schedule they must adhere to. The players daily schedules are packed for all activities and learning. They typically include:
  • Mornings: breakfast, schooling, football training
  • Afternoons: lunch, schooling, homework, football training, followed by dinner

The Programme

The Ellë Global Academy program includes:

• The Ellë Australian selected players will be training and playing as a team
• 8-10 weekly training sessions
• Tactical, technical, mindset and athletic work
• Participation in friendly matches and observation/analysis of these matches (there will be a minimum of 30 friendly matches for the period of 10 months we are there)
• Each player will receive 3 sets of a full kit including:

  • 3x Socks
  • 3x Shorts
  • 3x Training Pants
  • 3x Jerseys
  • 3x Training Sweater
  • 1x full presentation outfit

Accomodation, Supervision, Organisation & Airport Transfer

The Deutsches Fußball Internat is responsible for accommodation and catering (full board) for all players staying at the academy. The accommodation will be in double, 3, 4 or 6 bedroom boarding house. As for catering, players will have nutrition meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner each day

All players will have supervision from at least one German pedagogue (care-taker) on a 24/7 basis

Airport transfers (Arrival, Christmas break back and forth, Departure)


All players will be required to enrol in distance – learning (Australian education curriculum/system) so players continue to strive academically, while being a part of the Ellë Global Academy program in Germany. We will share more details via PDF once the EOI (expression of interest) is completed.

Language Lessons & Leisure Time

• German lessons (5 hours per week)
• Cultural trips (visit to Munich, the Bavarian Alps, etc.)
• Other activities with the educational staff


The Ellë Global Academy team will have a designated bus that will only serve the Ellë squad. The bus will be privately used for the Ellë Global Academy players only. The Ellë bus will be used for cultural trips, match days (away games) and other activities.

Health Insurance

All players will have health insurance already included in the fees. The cover will last for the entire period of the program. We will share more details via PDF once the EOI (expression of interest) is completed.

Weekly Model Schedule

Players will train 5 days per week and games on the weekend. The schedule will be provided upon arrival.


Selection process

Ellë Football Academy is responsible for the scouting and selecting of talented players for the opportunity to train at the Ellë Global Academy in Germany. Selected players will need to demonstrate a consistently superior football capability and outstanding core values in order to enable a seamless integration into the Ellë Global Academy training programme.


Dates & Fees

*First Semester – January 6th (2025) – June 30th (2025)
*Second Semester – August 1st (2025) – December 19th (2025)


10 months full-time exchange program


Fees will be shared in detail upon receival of EOI.  

Extra Information
  • The currency will be in accordance with the daily rate as of the contract signature
  • The cost covers all tuition, training, training kit, board, German course and meals, along with group transfers from the airport.
Not included
  • Flight Tickets
  • Pocket Money (some cash players will need to buy clothing, extra food or anything they feel like)


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