The Team

The EFA team consists of people of real substance who share knowledge, experience & wisdom. To ensure our coaches are of a high standard they go through an initial screening process and trial period to enable EFA to evaluate their capability and suitability.

The coaches must not only be highly skilled and experienced but live and breathe the values of the Academy…we are here to provide players with an unforgettable experience. We see our coaches as role models to players, inspiring and motivating them to achieve their personal best. At EFA, coaches teach players about self-discipline, owning their performance, resilience in adversity and to be relentless in their desire to achieve their personal goals. 

As coaches, we believe the “real skill” of the game is measured by a player’s decision-making capability and for this reason our programmes are structured to encourage and shape players to be dynamic and responsive to their surroundings and to think on their feet!

‘It’s important to create the musician before creating an orchestra’. Players in the orchestra have an expectation they will play seamlessly together and create great music, however this takes many years of practice to perfect. Similarly, young football players need to practice their skills and importantly understand how to use these skills effectively in a team environment. A team of individuals is unlikely to be a high performing team.

Leonardo Pinto

ELLË Football Academy Founder


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