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A few years ago, two brothers with a love for football, life and family had a burning ambition to share their experience and passion for the game with young like-minded players. What better way to do this than provide players with a great place to train, learn and develop their football capability, then a football academy with a player centric focus “it is all about the player experience” – born from this passion came Ellë Football Academy, established in 2016 the academy continues to set the standard in youth football training.

ELLË Football Academy lives and breathes this passion, everything the academy does is driven by the ultimate goal of developing each player to achieve their personal best. Progress does not wait or stand still for anyone. The Academy focuses on being dynamic and innovative but with a focus of always remaining relevant to players…We are inspired coaches solely motivated to engage and mentor players throughout their football journey as we look to accelerate the transformation of youth football in Australia to a standard comparable to other leading football nations.

The training programmes are delivered by professional coaches through a team session environment that challenge a players ‘whole’ capability – how a player responds, thinks (cognitive) and uses their technical skills to create or capitalize on opportunities (both on and off the field). Cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses, which is then applied to decision making in football.

Our Philosophy

As a youth football academy, we actively encourage players to ‘express themselves’ as a way of creating and developing their football capabilities within a structured programme.

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The Team

The EFA team consists of people of real substance who share knowledge, experience & wisdom. To ensure our coaches are of a high standard they go through an initial screening process and trial period to enable EFA to evaluate their capability and suitability.

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