ESP Software

ESPS (Ellë Skills Progress Software) was designed and developed by the Ellë FA Team in conjunction with an amazing technology team from Sydney.

The ESPS is all about the player experience, just like our training! It is interactive and at the same time engaging, we want players to understand their progress at training, to provide parents with clear objective information, and coaches with insight into player development opportunities. Our software is cloud based, dynamic and enables coaches to measure player performance anywhere and anytime. Just login to the player portal on the EFA website to enjoy the experience!

The ESPS sets the benchmark in sport performance software and will be a game changer in the football industry. Coaches can quickly and easily track a player’s progress against key criteria, pin point development opportunities and put in place action plans. A win : win outcome for both the player and coach by significantly reducing the time between identifying development opportunities and implementing actions plans……resulting in better player outcomes on the field.

Player Growth

Tracking a players physical growth and adapting training programmes to suit their developmental needs.

Physical and Technical Evaluation

Evaluates and tracks a players physical attributes such as speed, work rate and strength along with their technical capability such as ball movement, footwork and coordination.

Attribute Evaluation

Tracks and evaluates changes to a players unique attributes and characteristics with the impact of developmental training.

Age Group Comparison

Compares the player’s assessment results with those of similar or different age group’s to provide insight and context to a players performance.

Multi Player Management

Enables parents to manage multiple players (siblings) and track each player’s progression.

Player Term Appraisal

Parents are emailed an end of term player appraisal (also available on the player portal) to provide a snapshot of a players progress.

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