Ellë Specific Training

The Ellë Specific Training is designed to work on the player’s weaknesses giving them the confidence needed to maximise their football characteristics in the game.

The question so many young footballers need to ask themselves is simple. Am I training enough?

Individual sessions: Average volume in Europe
• U12 and younger: once per week, 30 to 60 minutes
• U13 – U15: twice per week, 90 minutes
• U16 and older: at least twice per week, about 2 hours/week

The average time spent training for junior footballers with their clubs in Australia is around the 75–90 minute mark. Two training sessions a week, plus a game on the weekend.

Even with two training sessions with your club, the majority of these sessions are in a team situation, meaning your time on the ball is even further limited.

From technical to physical, tactical and phycological work, all players with serious aspirations to improve should be looking to fit extra training in wherever possible in their schedules.


1 player – $120/hour
2 players – $180/hour
3 players – $240/hour
4 players – $280/hour


**Minimum 5 sessions commitment.



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    • In the circumstance that the session is cancelled due to inclement (wet) weather, fees will not be refunded or credited. The weather is something that is out of our control and coaches dedicate that particular time slot for each session. • Credits are not pro-rated if a training session is cancelled during a session. • Inclement weather cancellation will be communicated via text message 1 hour prior to the start of each session. • Participants who change their mind will not be refunded or credited. If you fall ill or sustain an injury prior to the session, fees will be credited if a medical certificate is provided. • If the coach falls ill or sustain an injury prior to the session, another coach will replace until the usual coach fully recovers.
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