Academy Training

EFA academy training is focussed on maximising the football skills of each individual player.

The academy training is structured to provide players with a challenging and rewarding experience. The primary focus of the training programme is to develop and promote a superior skill capability for each player delivered through a team session environment. Each group session has a maximum of 12 players per group to ensure the best possible training experience for each player. The sessions promote and challenge a players’ technical skill capability and importantly their cognitive thinking.

We have combined the ELLË SKILLS PROGRESS (ESP) software, a tool designed by ELLË to objectively measure each player’s skill capability with the latest football equipment to optimise player development. Parents will have access to their child’s results through the EFA portal. Access to the portal will be provided upon registration. Assessments will occur at the end of each term.

Programme Details

Training Program

Training program: 1 training session per week (1 technical)


Detail: Schedule is to be announced via e-mail once expression of interest is completed and submitted.


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