Full Time Academy

ELLË Football Academy is a progressive academy constantly striving for excellence in providing quality training to youth players. We are now well positioned to offer players the opportunity enrol in a full time structured training programme and participate in a year round academy.

ELLË players receive the same high-quality training through a well-structured programme covering all aspects of the game to ensure player development needs are given priority. We do however understand that some players may prefer a less intensive programme and we will still offer a similar styled programme that is currently in place. As we are a player centric academy, the development of players is our focus, both on and off the field. To ensure we deliver on this expectation we do limit the number of players we enrol in the Academy – we are focussed on the quality of training and football experience we provide each individual player.

Programme details

Training Program

Training program: 3 training sessions per week (2 tactical + 1 technical)


Details: Schedule is to be announced via e-mail once expression of interest is completed and submitted.


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Ellë Specific Training

The Ellë Specific Training is designed to work on the player’s weaknesses giving them the confidence needed to maximise their football characteristics in the game.

The question so many young footballers need to ask themselves is simple. Am I training enough?

From technical to physical, tactical and phycological work, all players with serious aspirations to improve should be looking to fit extra training in wherever possible in their schedules.

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